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      Hi all, im new to these forums so a big hello. I recently made a short using a sony VX and edited it in Premiere Pro. I then sent it through 2 programs to attempt a filmic look. Those 2 programs were adobe after effects cs3and apple color. I edited them the way most people advised: add a film grain, colour correct,desaturate it slightly… If i could be cheeky enough to get you guys to just give them a quick look i’d really appreciate it (they’re only 1min long). In total there are 3 videos i’d like you to check. The original which is called ‘Pandora’ which is just the original version. And then there are the 2 named ‘Pandora – Apple color’ and ‘Pandora – After effects.’ So if you could please check them out and post any feedback on whether you thought they looked filmic, what i could do to improve, which one you prefered…anything, i’d really appreciate it! p.s try and also check out the video named ‘artefact 3’ which is just a little 3second clip that i edited frame by frame to achieve the film look. (i had to blur the background to achieve a depth of field look!) Again any sort of feedback is great. So if you just follow the link, you’ll end up on myyoutube page. Happy viewing and thanks in advance.


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