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      Question for the “techie types” out there — Is there any loss in DV firewire output quality if a 1 CCD camcorder is used to playback a mini-dv tape that was recorded in a 3 CCD cam?

      I just recently acquired a “prosumer” level 3 CCD cam, & to avoid wear & tear on the tape mechanism I want to use my “consumer level” 1 CCD cam as a mini-dv deck for dubbing, firewire output, etc. I’m concerned if there will be a loss in video/audio quality if I do this?

      I know that a 3 CCD cam has better color resolution because the incoming light gets split up to separate R-G-B chips and then recorded onto tape, & a 1 CCD cam sort of approximates/calculates the color separation with 1 chip (???). I am thinking that on PLAYBACK it doesn’t matter what mini-dv device is used, as the playback head doesn’t care how the RGB info gets separated by the optics?


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      Thanks Charles!

      I needed someone knowledgeable to verify my (sometimes skewed!) thinking!

      Your last 2 comments are very good points. I did do research on getting a mini dv vcr at one point in time, but after seeing the prices on those, I figured it is a heck of a lot more cost effective to just get another consumer-level cam to use as a deck! (yes, you could also use that “deck” as a backup cam too!)

      Thanks again,

      Ryan (videosetc)

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