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      hello everyone, i’m looking for a dv camera to make short films and i have a budget of $500-$700. i’d like to have the option of an external mic b/c audio quality is something i’m very picky about. i’ve looked at the panasonic pvgs150 b/c i’ve seen good reviews, but i’m still not sure. any suggestions?

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      For that price range, thats probalby about the only camera that you could get. Although, it’s not really much better as far as quality goes than a sony or canon single chip. The biggest thing that most people see is that the panny is a 3chip, but that doesn’t mean the picture quality is necessarily any better than a single chip camera. The size of the image sensors has a lot to do with image quality. That’s why a pro camera might have a 1/2 or 2/3 inch chip size whereas a consumer or “prosumer” cam might have a 1/4 inch chip size. Just my thoughts on the topic. My advice, save some money or charge a better camera like a canon gl2 or better yet a sony vx2100 if you want some good quality SD images.

      ~Adam Lohrey

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      thanks for that reply, i’ll keep that all in mind.

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