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      Hey how’s it going? This is my first post on this forum. All my questions I’ve been able to answer just from reading around on this forum but I need some help now. I just bought a new GL2 and I’m going to be doing alot of Motocross (dirt bike racing) videoing so there is always dirt and dust and everything else floating around in the air and I was wondering what I could do to keep my camera clean. Any help would be nice thanks.

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      Most of my videography has been footage of motocross, enduro’s, trials and the like. I never really thought about sealing the camera from the dust, and maybe I’m just lucky, but after 3 years using the same camera for these events I have had no real problems with dirt entering into sensitive areas of the camera, although there is dirt on the outside of the case, this is easilly blown off, and I carry lense cloths for on the fly lens cleaning. I have seen professionals using bags on their cams at some of these events, but they also have a much larger investment in their equipment than most home consumers do, so it makes sense for them to sweat it.

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