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      Does anyone produce, say, 150 DVDs for the bride to send with a thank you card?

      I’d like to offer that service if it’s cost effective to do so, as it would be viral advertising. Every guest of the wedding would have my "business card", so to speak, and a beautiful memory of the wedding.

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      1st, does everyone who attended the wedding really want a copy?

      2nd, how about offering a highlight (condensed) version that could be put on the mini recordable DVDs? You can add all your business info to it for advertising, they’re smaller so they’ll fit in a thank you card, (unless it serves as the card), and the wedding couple could be filmed expressing thanks and added to the disc. Then, if people want the full version, sell them one.

      I have not priced mini recordable discs so I don’t know if its cost effective. I do like the idea. I guess how its implemented depends on demand in your area.

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      I think that guests would be more "into" the video if they knew it featured shots of themselves. The couple could indicate this in the thank you card.

      The mini discs are cost prohibitive, but if the couple wrote a note and put a DVD into a DVD mailer, I estimate it would cost $1.35pp for a printed DVD plus .25 for the mailer. That would be $1.60 per piece before postage based on a quantity of 200. The total would be $320. Here’s my sources:

      If this was successful you could buy bulk mailers and cut the costs even more. Of course I wouldn’t add any charge for having this done, as it would be viral advertising.

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      i am definitely liking this thinking, from everyone. especially looking at it as an advertising cost. i agree, don’t charge for it. just maybe hide a small portion into your final cost for the client. and sell it as a "with thank you featurette"

      maybe this might be an idea:

      the couple gets to choose 200 thank you mini dvd’s. you set up a highlight reel. then take a camera over to their house after the wedding or even before (before might just be better).

      They go down the list of the 200 friends, fam that they want to personally thank. They stand there and say: Hi Greg, Hi Gina. We just wanted to say thanks for coming and that we loved your Crock Pot you gave us! Here is a token of our appreciation! Love you guys! :: and then :: repeat but just change the names and items to be thanked for.

      Then they give YOU the address list, you cut and complete dvd, and then send it out as you finish each one. 200 at 10 seconds filming each and 10 minutes burning each is only an extra week of work for the possibility of being rebooked for 5-6 weddings perhaps from the viral advertising? Just a thought.

      It seems that too many videogs are either charging too much for each and every time they hit the space bar or click the mouse, or are not hiding their costs. I do not mean hiding them from clients, but c’mon, your pricing and options can be considered ‘proprietary’ information. Just put like I said, "Thanks vid" included for $150 bucks" "thank 200 guests for less than a buck" which really translates:::: my ad cost is 400 bucks doing this, and you are simply GIVING me $150 bucks to help me out in getting this done. I like it alot I do say. You would definitely have to structure is more and play with the numbers, but the idea is clutch!

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      understandable. I’ve done ONE wedding. I don’t have time to even shoot the current vid I am producing right now. So to me, it would work. But for you, there’s no way. You are busy doing that as a full time job. You are rather lucky to make your living this way. I am still trying to keep up with my day job just to pay the bills working overtime here as it is. Weddings, events, etc. are just something I do as a hobby and get paid to do it. Others may be able to incorporate that like I would be able to on my next wedding when I catch up time wise, but to some you are right, not worth it. Just kickin’ around ideas. I wish I was too busy doing weddings etc to do it!

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      We’ll all have that anointing someday…

      Wiskinita, good brainstorming…I used to tell me secretary that there are no bad ideas. πŸ™‚ We’re also in the start-up phase, so we have dramatically more time (and nervous energy) on our hands.

      Thank you notes come under the jurisdiction of the invitation person. That would give me a good excuse to cold call them. If they offered this cool option to their package, they would look good and stand out from their competition. The also would catch brides early on, and might recommend you for videography either way. (You can’t have too many allies!)

      Keep me posted!


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