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      Wondering if anyone can help. I’m looking to put together a marketing stunt involving TV cameras but…I don’t want to purchase a real, working camera – we don’t need to film anything. I just want to get hold of something that looks like a handheld TV camera (outside broadcasts), that is literally a plastic shell, cheap to buy and really light. It doesn’t have to work it just needs to look like a TV camera! Anyone got any tips or know where I’d start to search (googling is becoming tiresome).

      Thanks in advance,


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      Try renting one. Maybe look on ebay for a broken one. Maybe go to a local station and see if they have any broken cameras or ask them where you could find old or broken cameras.

      And what exactly do you mean by “TV camera?” One of the big shoulder mount cameras? A studio camera? You mentioned handheld, so do you mean something like a Panasonic DVX?

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      ok, so you just want a shoulder mounted camera basically. I’d say your best bet is to go to local stations and see if they have any that are broken or old and not in use. Maybe you can find a VHS shoulder mount camcorder

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      The problem is that whatreallysets thoseshouldermounted cameras apart as big fancy TV cameras is the Glass. The Glass is also most of the price. You can get a body for cheep, you can get a shell of a body if you wanted, but you cant get a shell of alens. If you could find a badlycrackedlens, it would be very cheep (probablygiving it away) but those are hard to find as they are unusable so are thrown out. Not sold on e-bay.

      I second robgrauerts IDea, find a shoulder mounted VHS camera, not the best, but cheep.

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      he already said he doesn’t need it to be afunctionalcamera. so the image quality isn’t an issue.

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      make one out of cardboard and spray-paint it black. That’s seriously what I’d do.

      All you need is a medium-sized cardboard box, poke a hole in one end and stick a paper towel or toilet paper tube through. If you want it to look better, then get a small, square shoebox lid and stick the other end of the toilet paper tube through that. The shoebox lid, if done right, will resemble a “lens” and mattebox for the camera.

      when you see what it looks like and compare to a picture of a Sony DigiBeta Camcorder, more ideas will come to you.

      Hope this helps.

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      Look up some of your local wedding videographers. They may come and set up their cameras and you might even want to have them running to record the stunt. You might promise them any video they shoot they can have, for stock footage to to use in some other project. You didn’t mention what the ‘stunt’ is but if it’s dramatic they may want footage of it. Many prosumer camcorders look like broadcast TV cameras and even Broadcast TV stations often use prosumer cameras. Some guys may have two cameras, one they can set up for the stunt and one they can record with.

      This of course assumes that the “stunt” doesn’t involve destroying the camera. πŸ™‚

      Second, contact your local tv stations and if they don’t have anything ask them if there are any older TV Engineers who live in town. Many of the old guys keep old spare parts and even have old tv cameras probably hidden away somewhere in their garage. I know a couple of old fellows here in town that used to be TV and radio engineers, retired now they have boxes of old cameras and stuff. One has even set up a whole TV studio in a metal building in his back yard. He tapes old style gospel shows there.

      But my point is that older engineers love to collect TV cameras and the old stuff to tinker with. I would almost bet one of them has the shell of an older ENG camera laying around. maybe even some newer stuff.

      Just like computer geeks probably have 10 PC cases in a closet somewhere, they have the old TV stuff. πŸ˜‰

      Plus, your town may have a ‘electronics’ club. If so, they may have the same.

      One quick way to find out if there are some old guys with stuff in your town?? Drop an ad in the local newspaper advertising some old TV station parts for free. They will come running to you! LOL

      J πŸ˜€

      PS: How many motherboards and old computer parts do you have stuffed away somewhere? See?

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      Just like computer geeks probably have 10 PC cases in a closet somewhere

      Hey! I only have 6 PC’s and Macs in my closet! πŸ˜› And I’m working on building up half my closet with computers and the other half with camera gear. πŸ™‚

      All joking aside, another idea is to post on your local craigslist. You can post a wanted ad and ask for any professional style cameras or VHS cameras that are broken (there are probably a lot of “Smiths” out there with the old family VHS in the closet they wouldn’t mind parting with for a few dollars. I do this all the time for fun stuff to play around with and have gotten some great stuff on there.

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