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      Hi, I’m looking for a dual voltage light kit (120V-240V) that’s reasonably affordable (<$800) that would be light enough for much traveling. My company films sales videos, so a basic 2 or 3 light kit would work fine, and probably the most important thing is that it’s easy to travel with and that it can handle a range of voltages. I’ve gotten a recommendation from a store for JTL’s Everlight kits (the TL-1500 specifically), which is definitely within my price range, but I’ve been hearing that the bulbs tend to get hot and explode. We’ve already had experiences overseas where our light bulbs tend to explode because of voltage differences, so we definitely don’t want to repeat any of that for any reason this time around. Does anyone have any experiences with this kit and does anyone have any other suggestions? Anything would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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