DTE Focus FS-100 & Anyone heard of this store?

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      I am in the market for a DTE (Direct-To-Edit) portable recorder. Has anyone ever used one before.

      I was researching the Focus FS-100 because I saw it on Ebay. Has anyone used this model?

      Then I found that it was reviewed by Videomaker last year.

      The ebay auction looks like a good deal from a reputable dealer. They have gotten back to me quickly on all my questions. There is a bio on all their auctions and I have copied it below. I guess my second question is…

      Have you ever heard of this place before. They sound huge? F/Vesco

      <p style=”padding-left: 30px;”><strong style=”font-weight: bold;”>”Film/Video Equipment Service Co., based in Denver, Colorado, is renowned for being the largest Rental/Sales/Service facility between the two coasts. Serving film, broadcast and video production industries for 30 years, we are the experts that your peers have come to rely on day in and day out for their production needs.
      <p style=”padding-left: 30px;”>F/VESCO occupies over 52,000 square feet in our Denver headquarters, offering the highest quality equipment and service available in the industry today for production professionals nationwide. We do not ship internationally.”

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      hi to every one

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      EVG – I did some looking around and could not find complaints about them – their website (www.fvesco.com) has been registered and online for over ten years so that says something as well.

      However, as always, caveat emptor!

      Has anyone else dealt with these folks?

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      Thanks. I didn’t even think about seeing if they had a website.

      THey seem very helpful on ebay. Quick responses and such.

      I have just had terrible experiences with ebay in the past and wanted to make sure before I spent $700 and didn’t get anything because it was a scam.

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      AvatarDimmy Brando

      Hi there,

      I have a Focus fs-100 100GB and has worked well for me for the few times I used it

      until I changed from Panasonic to Canon Camcorder. If you are interested I can sell it for 600 US dollars. It will come with 2 batteries that have low capacity because the hard disk has not been used often and they have lost some of their

      capacity but the hard disk is in perfect condition. Of course I will put a post on ebay if you really need it plus the shipping cost.

      Best regards,


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