DSR-250 – Why is it green?

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      Ok…I just broughtthis camera home from work andthere is a green tintto the video (like night vision). The green is in the LCD display and on the video it records. I was however able to record color barsthat displayed correctly on the LCD and on the video. Does anybody have any ideas what is wrong?

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    did you white balance correctly?

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    is “Nightshot” on?

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    yes, the white balance is correct…and night vision is not on…

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    I just read this and did a little research this site may help: http://www.b4computers.com/FAQ/baddigitalcameras.htm

    This was on the same site

    As Sony is the original sensor manufacturer for all of the other manufacturers’ products listed above (and given the vast array of products that they manufacture themselves) it should come as no great surprise that Sony has by far, the greatest number of affected products. This should not be taken as indicating any inherent deficiency in Sony products beyond the now discontinued sensors involved.

    The original service advisory was posted on the Sony Asia Pacific Support site. The Asia Pacific post lists all affected models in a concise format. On the Sony US website, the advisories are only listed on the support pages for each individual product. To see the information for your product, go to this page, enter your model number and click “Search” to find all relevant information. If your product is one of those listed above, you should see a link (probably dated 10/3/2005) under the “Product Alerts” section, titled “Important Notice about your Sony Product.”

    Regardless, in the US, the story is the same (at least it is for all the products we checked): “From October 3, 2005 through October 2, 2007, Sony will repair, free of charge, affected products exhibiting the above-mentioned problem where it is caused by the image sensor device. Sony will also cover the cost of shipping and handling to service to correct this issue.”

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    Thanks Dude! I’m pretty sure that’s the problem….very helpful and quick!

    Best Regards,


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    Glad I could help

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