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      Ive been shooting family videos and short commercials for
      campaign ads for the last number of years using a series of Panasonic 3CCD
      camcorders. Currently I am using an old GS500, but have been recently
      contemplating an upgrade; mainly for the HD capability and to add the ability
      to do 24p as well. All my editing is done in Sony Vegas Pro 9 on a fairly
      robust Quad core PC.

      Unfortunately there arent a lot of options out there in the
      consumer market, plus I like having the flexibility of a more prosumer model.
      Up until this past weekend I had been considering getting a used Panasonic AVCCAM,
      a JVC HM100 or Sony FX7, or similar; however my brother-in-law recently having
      gotten a Panasonic GH1 DSLR with the hacks, has me thinking that might be a route to consider.

      My question; all things being equal and that for me is price
      dependent (under $1800), would I do better staying the course and finding a
      used or second-hand prosumer camcorder with 24p capability as I had planned, or
      are the DSLR a viable option.

      My concern with the DSLR is the drastic change in
      form-factor, for me at least going from a camcorder to a SLR style camera. While I have commented to my wife on more than one occasion I
      would love someday get a high resolution DSLR for the occasional photo. Since
      my primary role is family video, etc, I worry that I would I find myself
      missing the easy point and record form of the camcorders when traveling? I have
      gathered from other post and things I have read that the DSLRs arent quite
      ready for prime-time, but how do they compare to slightly older 3CCD
      camcorders, or the consumer level models around $1000?

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