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DSLR or Camcorder for shooting Iceskating shows??

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    Hi, I’m looking to upgrade my equipment to HD video and I’m not sure what might work best for me. I have been shooting iceskating programs for the past 4yrs with my 2 sony vx 2100’s. I have been looking atgetting 2sony HDR-AX2000 or just one and a sony HXR-NX5U.

    But then would a DSLR work well for fast moving subjects or would it be to hard to keep in focus? I’m not familiar with how the manual focus would work for me.

    Any thoughts on this?

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    Better to use a camcoder like Sony, Panasonic or Canon. First HD generate 4 time the SD quality and skate show is a lot of different focus du to large ice surface. Also sound is much better with a camcoder. A HD video made with camcoder or DSLR has the same quality same size but easier to do with a camcoder and much less ability to develop. If the work done in the past is good for you HD generate better picture quality.



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    It might be a case for looking atsomethinglike the Canon XA10 Professional HD video camera. It has face detection and willoptimise the exposure and focus of the skater, allowing you to be free to concentrate on following the action and operating the zoom as appropriate.

    I only got my XA10 last weekend and have tried it out under a variety of lighting conditions and it provides superb images down to pretty low light levels, many times better than my XM2 (GL2) SD 3CCD camera.

    Regards Ian

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    Thanks Signmax and iankinnz for your insite and comments. I’ve been leaning towards HD video cameras and I’ll look at what Canon and Panasonic have to offer as well as Sony.

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