Dslr cameras that has the best video quality

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hello,am a musician also a film editor i need a dslr camera with the best video quality specially for music video within this price rage $2000.

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What you should be asking is what DSLR with the basic accessories I need to shoot a music video with a $2k budget should I look at? To get a reasonable amount of the potential of a DSLR's video capacity you're going to need more than just a camera. Two good prime lenses (or a fast zoom), A mattebox w/rails (or at the least a good lens hood. A filter kit w/ a UV haze, a couple of ND's (2 & 4) and maybe a polarizer, a decent tripod (no wal-mart specials) with at least a ball-head mount, extra batteries (at minimum 4 extra), camera bag (that will hold most of your accessories), Fast CF or SD Flash media cards (class 4 or better, 8GB or larger capacity. *Note; smaller cards mean you'll need more to keep up with shooting) and a secondary viewfinder if not a small camera mountable monitor.

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 Should he not be looking at a Sony NEX vg10 or 20? For $2000 he gets the DSLR sensor with interchangeable lenses, better sound (especially if he ads an external mike or a beachtek with ext mike),image stabilisation etc?

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If you want the best moire-free video quality less than $2000, you want the (hacked or unhacked) Panasonic GH2.

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