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      Hello everyone,
      I have been looking online at some wedding videographers and have come around some interesting song selections for recaps and highlights.
      I know that some people use Enya and stuff like that, I’ve seen a couple that are very dramatic, something very cinematic, I feel like I am watching lord of the rings or kingdom of heaven something like that. Does anyone have an idea how this type of song are called, if you are interested here is a website with very nice highlights, http://www.dreamyvideos.com/ ( go to demos and click on any) does anyone know were I can get songs like that, how can I look for it, is is dramatic, cinematic….. is there a website were I can get this. Please I really need your help. I am moving to Spain and there people dont use this kind of music and I think if I bring this style I can get a lot of clients.

      Thanks you in advance for your help.

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      Hey Hank,
      Thanks for your answer, I am using Soundtrack Pro, I dont use SonicFire, do you know if I can still use the SonicFire music. It looks like they can only be read by SonicFire. By any chance do you know how would that kind of music be called, I saw something on the SonicFire web that sounds similar and is called Heroic Overtures, I want to be able to look for a CD or something in Amazon or somethin like that.

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      Hey I just checked the SonicFire website, I think this people got ir from here, you know I never knew how good SonicPro is, I think I am going to have to save a little money and buy be this software… I think the hardest part is deciding which music package to get. Any recomendation, I know you said several of their romantic and corporate, but do you buy the whole package or can you buy song by song? I think…from what I heard in the preview maybe Theatrical Impact might be good for Intros and Highlights no? What do you recomend ?

      Thanks alot for your help,

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      Very nice recap! In my opinion the music is too dramatic. Are you sure the brides would love it?

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