Downloading the Time/Date Metadata from MiniDV

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      Is there a way to download my miniDV tapes and retain the Date & Time, so that in Final Cut Pro, I can view this information? As opposed to having to put the tape back into the camera and watch the video to find out what the date and time are that the video was taken?

      If this information is already being downloaded, how do I view it within FCP?


      I download my MiniDV tapes with the following settings.
      -Firewire NTSC
      -DV NTSC 48kHz (Sometimes Anamorphic if the situation calls for it)

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      AS far asI know the date and time is allways downloaded. I don’t use FCP but Adobe Premiere. And date and time is visible in the project window. Perhaps FCP-users can you answer how to make that visible.

      But I allways use the program Scenalizer ( to download video’s with a firewire cable.

      With this program you create clips of evere scene and name each clip like video’201103 10.12.04.avi so in the name of each clip you see the date and time the video is taken. You can name the first part of the clip, vfore the ‘ as you want.

      The program has a simple freeware version and a shareware version Scenalizer live with more options.

      Success, Jewe

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      Right click on the clip and click properties

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      Right clicking and selecting properties only tell me the date and time the video was downloaded to the computer.

      I’m talking about taking an entire video and seeing the date and time each clip within that video was taken. The Metadata downloaded with the video.

      Jewe, I can’t find the free version of the software you mentioned. Is there a MAC version? Will it show all of the metadata or only name the clips for the date and time of the first frame from each clip?


Viewing 3 reply threads
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