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      I was wondering if there was any way to download a MiniDV tape… and make the settings Prgressive Scan so that it is not Interlaced when it is downloaded.

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      if you shot progressive scanning then you should be able to set it up in your capture presets. If you didn’t shoot progressive, then you’ll have to take the footage into Compressor and deinterlace it. Be sure the Frame Controls are on to achieve the best results.

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      How do you deinterlace in Compressor? Here is my typical setup.

      I download from my MiniDV camcorder DV NTSC. Interlaced. 29.97 fps. Full quality.

      If I drag that clip into compressor… What’s my next step to Deinterlace?

      How will the quality look?


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      Before we go on, is there a reason you want progressive footage? If you want your end result to be progressive scanning, it’s best to edit your footage in FCP with settings that match your footage, and then export a reference file for Compressor so it can spit out a progressive master.

      To convert your footage to progressive, import your clip or FCP reference file into Compressor

      Look for the DV/NTSC setting in your Settings window. Drag it to your clip.

      In your Inspector window, select the Frame Controls Pane

      Turn On your frame controls.

      Output Fields: Progressive

      Deinterlace: Best

      Rate Conversion: Best

      Click submit.

      Deinterlacing takes a while. So be patient.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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