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      Death To Hollywood was created with a single purpose in mind, to bridge the gap between low cost digital film-makers and the viewing public. It is a free service that seeks to vigorously promote both the movies featured here and the movie-makers that made them.
      All movies featured there will be available to download for free – no fees, no subscriptions, no personal information or passwords. It is simply our job to tell you, that they exist, and what they are about. We will make them available to download for free and the viewer can watch what they like.

      ARE YOU MAD!!………you might be thinking about now. No we are not mad, the harsh reality is that low-cost independent movies can not achieve any real distribution through the conventional and monopolistic multiplex cinema.
      Their natural home is free on the internet.

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      I’m mad.

      I read that, and thought you meant “angry”. Who says “mad” in that context these days, anyhow.

      …but the site sounds nifty. πŸ˜‰

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      Death to Hollywood Update
      I am really happy to let you know that we should never have server problems again πŸ™‚

      We used up all of last month’s bandwidth (1 terabyte) in just 10 days and had to swap over to the back up peer to peer system. It was a pity we had to swap over to pure peer to peer for a week or two but this demonstrates there has still been great progress while this was the case.
      But…We were approached by and accepted the offer of a hosting provider who has given us multiple servers with unlimited bandwidth in exchange for some advertising, so we should never need to go offline
      With direct server downloads again and we should be able to cope with any foreseeable rise in demand.
      It may interest you to know that our movies have had in excess of 20,000 downloads initiated. This means that literally Thousands of copies are scattered all around the world.
      We are also creating Xvid versions available to download too, as there has been a few comments about the encoding of the movies …so we aim to please and have already started making Xvid versions for some and are encoding the others.
      Also ” Bored Of the Rings” constitutes around 65% of initiated downloads from servers as well as over 1500 downloads from P2P at Edonkey.
      Personally I think all this is of great importance to future and current Independent film makers
      DTH continues to go from strength to strength and I will keep you up to date with developments.”

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      Keep up the good work.

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