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      I’ve been asked by a local store to do a 30 second television commercial. The store owner has asked me to put a donut in the middle. Does anyone have any experience doing this? This will be my first commercial to shoot…. what da heck is a donut? (I think it maybe where the beginning and end of the commercial stay the same, but different content can be added in the middle – but not sure).

      Thanks for any help!!!!!!!

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      A “Donut” is where you have a beginning and an end and a place in the middle for a voice over or video to be inserted. The spot begins then there may be a background with music or some visual ques and a local sponsor is inserted. This way the same commercial can be used for different sponsors or even different advertisements.

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      Hahaha… i read “donut” in the title of the post and a thought you were making a commercial for a donut store. And i was now thinking dosn’t he know what is a donut? Probally yhe owner wants to put a picture of a donut and video in the middle of it (in the hole). lol… *laghing really hard at myself*.

      But yeah. What Aspyrider said.

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      Speakin of donuts…. do you know how to get a cop? Wave a donut in the air. Know how to get rid of a cop? Throw the donut…

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      This is an interesting concept. Does anyone have any links, say, to Youtube that might demonstrate an example of a dounut?


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      The best example is your basic tour spot of bands and such. Think of it as a template, ready to be tagged for local use.

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