Dont drive fast !

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      I was the director of this video, we had a verry nice crew to produce this one and some good actors. A couple of $ was invested for the paramedics. 1 cameraman, 2 light guy, 1 dop, 2 actors. Was shot in 1080i but the version on vimeo is verry lq compard to the original.

      The set-up was

      – 1 XDCAM F-350 whit a 5,5×19 fujinon lens

      – 1 shure mixer fp-31 whit a blimp + sheniser shotgun mic

      – 1 dolly

      – 1 car to completely crash and destroy whit a big yellow tonka toy ( was fun )

      – 1 car to make the fill light set-up whit some white softner on the front of it

      – 3 little 500w arri light kit pro

      – 1 blu tarp because it was rainning like hell, and yea light spot resist verry well to water.

      Dont look at it in this preview, go to vimeo for full res.

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      Hey, that was pretty cool. What is La vitesse tue?

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      its … the speeding kill

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