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      What they mean by ‘traffic’ is the amount of data activity per month, measured in megabytes, generated from your website. Every time visitors view your site, they generate data ‘traffic’ because your web page data (text & graphics) has to be ‘transmitted’ by your host server to the visitor’s computer. If you exceed the hosting company’s specified monthly quota, they’ll simply charge you extra based on the excess amount. This is a particulary irrelevant specification unless you provide a large collection of AVI files or MP3 files for downloading from your site and visitors download them regularly (read porno site or music pirate site). You might also exceed their quota if you do a lot of video streaming. In any case, the ‘excess traffic’ fees are usually trivial – nothing to worry about.

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      I have my own Movie Making web page that I would like to buy a domain name for. If you’d like to see and comment you can view it . My question is that my mom will not put her credit card online for the transaction despite what I have told her. Does anyone know of a domain name site that will enable me to pay via check or cash? That would be great if you could let me know. Also, because people would be using my bandwidth to view my site, would my internet speed decrease when i am viewing content online?


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