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      I use Encore 1.0. I gathered all of the clips needed for 1st play, motion menu, and movie. When I exported (4 times) I made sure I had my 1st play timeline marked as 1st play. When I played it back on my DVD player, there was no 1st play it went straight to the menu. When I looked on the disc in my computer, there was never a 1st play written on to the disc.

      I tried it again making sure of the 1st play being marked, same thing. However, when I open the project up it never has my 1st play material marked as first play even though I saved it as such.

      Any help is greatly appreciated.


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      This may not be the case but check into it.

      The DVD VOBs are created and numbered as you make the timelines in Encore. If you made your "first play" timeline last in Encore, it will be written last on the disc. If your disc is over capacity, the "first play" might not have written to disc, (the disc filled up before the "first play" was written).

      One thing you can try is create a blank menu and add the video for the "first play" to it. Set this menu as the first play and set an end action to where you want it. All menus get written to disc first. Be sure to remove your original first play timeline from the project.

      By the way, I’m using version 1.5. Hope this helps!

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      I’ve tried everything short of upgrading including what each of you have said. Thanks for the help, but still nothing as of yet.

      However, is there a way to link an end action of my timeline to the loop point of a menu? This may be an alternative method if this is possible. Thanks again.

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      Double check that your first play video isn’t corrupt.

      You can set a timelines end action to a menu but not its loop point. Sorry!

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