Doing Time-Lapse on DCR-VX2100

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      I was speaking with a friend in of mine in the business, and he mentioned that he does time lapse with his Cannon GL2. He said he is able to set it: For example:

      10 Seconds every 1 minutes
      5 Seconds every 5 minutes
      Basically what ever the interval is that he wishes.

      Is this possible on the VX2100? I’ve looked thru the manual but I haven’t seen any specific reference to this function. Any help would be appreciated.

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      yes, it’s the interval record selection on the menu.

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      Thanks, I found it and have used it. Now for my next question:

      Is there any way to actually set the interval time and record time? The only pre-loaded options on the camera were:

      Interval =
      30 sec
      60 sec
      5 min
      10 min

      Recording time:
      .2 sec
      .5 sec
      2 sec

      I’d like something other than these limited options.

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      I don’t think that there is a way to set it. You kind of have to go with what they set it up for you.

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