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      I would like to write a review of the Digital Harinezumi 2 camera for Videomaker magazine. This little camera is raising quite a stir. Lomography, done with plastic toy cameras and film has gained quite a following. There is also a movement towards using lower resolution video and still digital cameras to produce, spontaneous “fun” photos and films in this same type of style. The Digital Harinezumi 2 takes 640 x 480 video in color and monochrome that resembles 8 mm film footage; it also takes still images at higher resolutions. Images and movies have a vignetted retro look, lens flair, blurring, and bleeding colors also add to interesting compositions. I think it’s great fun and something that many of the readers of Videomaker might not be aware of. I especially like the monochrome mode. I’d love to do an article on this, if Videomaker does not want to publish me, than at least a blog here about it.

      Anyone have any thoughts?

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      You can see examples and more information at:

      and I’m particularly fond of this video:

      I think this camera has great potential to break out of the current trends to crystal clear, hyper-real footage. The footage of bride shows the potential to produce a dreary, nostalgic look; I think that some wedding clients would like this sort of movie along with more contemporary presentations.You get the lomo look without the aggravation of not knowing if what you took looks good, finding labs that develop vintage camera films, or medium format photographs. I am attracted to this type of things because it brings back memories of my old family movie films and my first camera, the Brownie. I couldn’t even tell you if anyone can buy film for 8 mm movie cameras anymore and if they could where they would get it processed.

      There is also a group on Vimeo called Digital Harinezumi User’s Unite, which has many examples, but I can’t post the link here without it trying to open a video window in the forum. The wedding footage was shot with the first generation Harinezumi, the current 2nd generation now offers sound as well as a black and white mode.

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