Does MEP17 Plus create 'Proxy-files?'

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I am currently making the transition from 720 x 576 'standard' video in 16:9, to AVC/mp4. I have upscaled some of my best 'Standard' footage from 720 x 576 to 1280 x720 without too much loss of quality, and occasionally, even a slight improvement. I intend to reprocess incoming High definition material to the same format. The idea is to be able to edit material in the same timeline, without redundancy of my earlier material, since it has been assembled over almost six years. I must, in time, re-format 104 DVD's full, (some over-full), of DV-AVI from my present camcorder, as that work is assembled into batches, and processed overnight, in batches of 25 to 40 clips, or so. It has been an ideal opportunity to convert to progressive-scan, and I have done that too. All processing has been carried out in TMPGEnc 'Video Mastering Works 5', although 'workarounds' are possible using 'Virtualdub' and 'avidemux' as well.

When I introduce my material onto the MEP17 timeline, the software gives me an option of conversion 'to another format'. I have experience of 'proxy' files from my days with Ulead's 'Media Studio8', and I would quite happily use the proxy system again, despite the slight delays in writing the 'proxies' to another drive, before use.

Proxies, in short, would be very handy to me. A conversion of the virgin material to another format, such as mpg2, would be useless, and for the standard footage, negate the reason for all the work I have put in so-far. Is anyone, please, able to tell me, whether the 'alternative' files offeredwhen footage is introducedonto the timeline,are 'proxies' (and hence, non-destructive of the original footage), or merely one-way conversions to an unwanted format, which is of no use to me.

Ian Smith

Dunedin, New Zealand.