Does it exist? Video Mixer Firewire Hardware

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      Am using a great little device that takes 2 RCA inputs, mixes and outputs to USB.

      Would love to move to a firewire input (camcorder) and firewire output to computer. Problem? Can’t find a vendor who makes these things. Only want to split the screen horizontally to combine both pictures.

      Currently using this nifty device:

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      Got some pretty interesting results doing a quick Google search for firewire video mixer, including a review/info on a Videomaker article but that baby’s expensive. There is also one by Videonics MXProDV Digital Video Mixer.

      Maybe some others there also, see what luck that brings you. I still use an old workhorse Panasonic MX12 that accepts S-Video inputs/outputs, and I have taken the signal from my Canon XL one pair, via S-Video, into a hard drive recorder, cleaned up, then piped out via Firewire to my Mac system for finish.

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      Thanks Earl,

      Have looked through the top 10 results on G for firewire video mixer. Challenge is that these boxes do everything else too (dishes and house-cleaning too). The portability factor weighs in heavy, as I have to be able to hop onto a plane to fly to clients. So small and light is key. The product I linked to is ideal for being super light and small. Colorado video are saying they’ll have a firewire to firewire released din some months time. Wish I could wait.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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