Does anyone own the GZ-HM650

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      I’m looking at the JVC GZ-HM650. I currently only own a digital camera.. well it’s my Girlfriends. Audio comes out perfect no matter where I stand, but video is another story. On our digital camera I can record about 1 hour 15 minutes when the battery low light comes on. Perfect! The concerts I recorded were about that.

      The JVC looks nice, but I’m worried about battery life. Is there any longer life batteries? What good is capturing good video if I’m not going to be able to get the full concert? I’m not a professional, nor am I making money off this.

      Sound I am not totally concerned about, because if it doesn’t capture the good audio I need we have our digital camera as a backup.

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      Maybe someone could also explain what Dynamic Zoom is? I know what optical and digital zoom are.

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