Does anyone offer ANALOG – DIGITAL CONVERTER for XP64 yet?

Videomaker – Learn video production and editing, camera reviews Forums General Video and Film Discussion Does anyone offer ANALOG – DIGITAL CONVERTER for XP64 yet?

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      just got my new computer with XP Pro service pak 2 64 bit OS. I can’t find one single converter for analog to digital. Plextor can’t do it. Dazzle (Pinnacle) can’t do it. Does anyone know how I could transfer a hi8 to digital format into my computer for editing purposes?

      Also, just so everyone knows, Pinnacle has terrible customer service. The people can barely speak English and they won’t answer a question (even when you tell them you are trying to BUY a product from them) unless you give them your full name and email info, etc.

      The reason? So they know who to charge the call and tech support to if you ever call back. You only get one free call to ask a question. THAT IS SIMPLY RIDICULOUS!!!!!

      What is wrong America? It seems as though more and more companies are going towards pay-for-tech support! My answer to that: I won’t buy that company’s products ever again. Pinnacle (a division of AVID) will never get my business!!

      Back to my question: any idea of when a company will have a 64 bit compatible converter? There is nobody out there right now with one, and I would have to pay any price to get one (and would). Seems someone should have been on top of that before it was released. They could have zapped all of the business in this realm with any price they wanted to charge!! }:-@

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      Unfortunatly XP64 has never been that popular. Mainly because Microsoft did not impliment the 64bit very well. You cannot use 32bit drivers with XP64. The Mac OSX is much better. It does not disrupt your ability to use 32bit drivers or applications. I would venture to say that there will not be drivers available for some time if at all. (Vista64 drivers will be available at some point if not even right away but these will not work for XP) One solution is to use a dv camera that has passthrough capabilities. With one of these you can hook up your analog cam up to the digital one and go to the computer from that.

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