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      has anyone checked out at all? (, I came across a press release about it and Im just a big fan of sharing resources with fellow filmmakers. I guess it was just launched at lets indie filmmakers like us submit their work and if its approved by their committee its posted on their site where people can pay a few bucks to view/download it. sounds like a cool way to make some money of your work. anyone know more info about it?

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      I hadn’t heard about that one, but I did hear about one called b-side. You can check it out at I’ve never tried putting stuff up there myself, but it seems like given enough advertisement, it could help people get their films out there (and making some extra cash in the process is always good too! :-P).

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      I’m starting a videography business with a college buddy and I was thinking of buying either 2 XL2’s or 2 GL2’s. I know GL’s can take still photos with a flash and I could take advantage of that. The XL2’s have changeable lenses though. I’ll be mainly shooting weddings, commecials, training videos, special events and my own show pilots. Should I save the money and grab the GL2? Thanks in advance for any replies.For more info visit

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      I have a videography business. I’m using HV30s at the moment, but I’m a fan of the new Panasonic HPX-170. So, I think that’s gonna be my next move. Yeah… it’s a fixed lens, but it has 20 steps of variable frame rates, a fairly wide lens, and does better in low light than the HVX. I’m an HD fan as well.

      My buddy just got his RED ONE last week. Those things are SICK!!!

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      Looks like this one got pass the spam police……

      First clue:

      “I’m just a big fan of sharing resources with fellow filmmakers.”

      Second clue:

      This is his only post

      lol….i’m just bored I guess….sorry.

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