Does Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 Have It’s Own Audio Editor?

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      I’ve been trying out Vegas Pro 9 and found it disappointing in that it didn’t have its own audio editor. I’m just getting started in video production and I’m used to editing audio in Cubase, Samplitude, etc.

      Currently I’m working on editing a 1 hour Webinar that was saved as a WMV file. The narrator voiceover needs to get tweaked (delete coughs, stumbles, etc.) and the video is just powerpoint slides.

      So far it seems I’m forced to edit the audio in Cubase, then import back into Vegas 9 and try to line up the video. If I was using Adobe Premiere Pro CS4, could it handle everything all-in-one?


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      Premiere Pro will edit audio however it is quite basic. Adobe has Audition which is it’s high end audio editor and is well worth the price. There is also Adobe Soundbooth, a little less expensive but not as many tools.

      Have you tried Audacity? It’s actually very good and it’s free. You would have to export the audio to WAV and then do the work in Audacity then export back to your project.

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      Thanks chuckengels! I thought about downloading Audacity (I tried Wavosaur but didn’t work it seems) so perhaps that’s a good way to go. πŸ™‚

      So just how basic is Premiere Pro? I just want to cut out the stumbles and bumbles and move the audio around. πŸ˜‰


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      As Chuck says, it’s basic. You can easily do what you are wanting to do with, cut, paste, copy, trim, change the gain of segments or by key frame, fade in, out and across, there’s other stuff too. I only go to Soundbooth to get rid of hums, clicks etc. Audacity works well for that too though.

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