Does a GL-2 match up with me?

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      I’m really a photojournalist, but I’m interested into getting into videography so that when HD takes over everything I’ll still have a future. That and I’m just interested in it as another form of art.

      Basically I’m looking for a pro-sumer camera and am willing to spend at MOST $3,000. I’m trying to stay in the Canon brand name as well.

      I’ll shoot a balance of documentary style work as well as regular movies. I’m really just trying to learn videography and the differences between it and photography, but I want a quality product for whatever I do. I’m considering adding a videography aspect to my wedding photography as well, which I hear the GL-2 isn’t amazing for but will get the job done.

      Any thoughts on whether a GL-2 is a good choice for me would be greatly appreciated. Should I go up or down in Canon’s line-up at all?

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      Honestly, bang-for-the-buck-wise, I like the GL-2. It’s got just about all the features that you’d find on the XL-1S, and it’s a lot cheaper. Plus, there’s a $250 rebate going on right now, so for $3,000 you could almost afford two of them (It’s about $1750 after rebate at B&H or Norman Camera)

      They’re not the greatest in low-light conditions, but they perform as well as the XL series. Plus, you can still put almost all the special gadgets on them, like the MA300 XLR adapter, and all the other goodies.

      All in all, it’s got a lot of features, it’s affordable, and it’s got a lot of cool toys you can plug into it. I have a few of them, and I love em (aside from the low light issue).

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      I agree with "on a roll" As far as low light and most churches have horrable lighting. The sonys work very well in low light.

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      Get it. I love my GL1. I end up using it more than my XL1 because it is smaller and more convient. Batteries last longer and it is easier to hold steady on a tripod (well balanced). The lens filters and fish eye attachments are much cheaper for this camera than the XL. Overall, as well made camera.

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      The GL2 is a nice camera, but is there a reason why you are limiting yourself to Canon? For your price range, you can do a lot better – the Sony VX2100 will give you a much better picture and with lower lights and not much more.

      If you want HD, then take a look at the Sony FX1 – It might be a little more than your price range, but the nearest Canon HD equivalent is around 10,000.

      I was a Canon devotee and was dead set to get the GL2 — The Panasonic ag-dvc30 is a better deal with more features than the GL2.

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