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      Hi Everyone,

      I recently completed a ‘grass-roots’ documentary – it has seven internationally known people who discuss topics from organic food, economics, sacred geometry, and physics, and so much more. It is way too long to have in independent theaters so I have decided to market the documentary through a landing page that will be up next week so that folks can purchase it. It is 4.5 hours long and bonus is 45min. – 2 disk set.

      Question One: How do I go about marketing worldwide? Europe?

      Question Two: How best to market in USA? Are there grass-roots companies that can help me out?

      Question Three: How best to copyright the name of my documentary so that I can protect the name for future expo’s that I will produce based on the documentary?

      Question Four: What marketing companies are the BEST in regard to marketing grass-roots documentaries?

      Any help and advise would be greatly appreciated with any of the four questions.

      Thank you!


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      You can find some of the information you seek at this Videomaker magazine article.

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      Grinner Hester

      With international distribution, I have found it best to just let an international distributor do their thang. Speaking only for myself, I have no contacts across the pond. Giving thirty percent to someone who does is not like losing 30 percent in my book. It’s more like 70 percent of something I would have not had otherwise.

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      What is the best international distribution company for grass-roots documentaries?

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      Grinner Hester

      That’s subjective. When I began, the best was the one who’d take my documentary and distributed it.

      Do a search, find the ones who intrest you, then hit em up. Don’t give them more than 30%.

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