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      I have a question,
      I am just getting into more documentary style filming.

      I use the canon XH-A1 with the netus 35 extreme adapter,
      and have many years in video production, but my first with documentary style videos.

      I am going to be doing a 5-10 minute video on the history and philosophy of a company.

      All shot in HD and outputted to Blue-ray or DVD.

      Can anyone help me with approximate cost…

      I will be doing all the scripting, editing, filming myself.
      And have another colleague of mine do the voice over.

      Any thoughts would really help!

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      you need to determine how much time it’s goingto take you to complete the project, how much the voice talent will cost and how much profit you are looking for.

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      I understand that, and I am working on that,

      but what is the indrustries pricing for something like this, so I can compare.

      thank you!

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      Can some want hely me with some Tv contacts? Here is my email

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      $75/hour is average for someone entering in. If you have years of experience and can back it up with testimonies and a reel then you could get away with $150-200/hour

      Here is a great article:

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