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      I’m starting to produce documentary videos but I need some nice intros and graphics, also some music as well. Any suggestions?


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      For my last documentary, which was of my trip to Europe, I used the front cover of my journal for the titles. I made the cover with sharpies. Very cool, but a little hard to read.

      For the rest of the intro, I shot pictures of travel related stuff around my house(Nat.l Geographics, maps, souveniers from past trips)and the car driving away with some music and voice overs of my family telling what they thought Europ would be like.

      Hopefully, this gets your creative juices rolling…

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      For lots of free stuff (music, graphics and animations) sign up with Digital Juice – Once you do they have a fairly large amount of goodies available for free.

      If you can spring for a few $$$, I love Bluff Titler – For the money (around $50) it really does a superb job. If not, you could always create something in any graphics program you have (Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw, Paint Shop Pro, etc…) and play with it in your NLE.

      If you intend to do this on a regular basis, it would be best to start investing in some decent royalty free assets (music, sounds, stock footage, animations, graphics, etc…) and some software to go with.

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      As usual, Birdcat has recommended the best.



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      for the title and graphics

      matte your own photos and graphics with photoshop ,,, bring them in as footage to your NLE

      audio’s another story, rayalty free is not cheap but best way to stay clear of trouble

      else, get a pal with a midi keyboard and make up your own

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