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      I read the following article:

      and came up with a question:

      People waive their rights once they appear in public and that the filmmaker is protected under the first amendment. However, I interviewed people at a bar or hospital. I have permission from the bar owner, but at this point it’s verbal. Is the bar considered public space?

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      This might be helpful:

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      Everyone’s answers have been very helpful. Thank you.

      I have another quick question if you don’t mind.

      I’m entering my film in the 2007 Chicago International Film Festival and I was wondering if that will ruin my chance of entering the 2008 Sundance (or any other festival for that matter).
      Also, let’s suppose I win the 2007 Chicago International Film Festival; is it possible to get a movie deal from a festival lesser known than Sundance? What is your advice? Thanks

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