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      Ok I’m in a basic video production class. One of the requirements to pass the class is to do a final project of your choice (documentary, action, comedy, etc.). I decided to do a documentary. I didn’t have many ideas so my friend suggested do your documentary about something the teacher doesn’t know. I decided to do it on videogames (xbox 360, PS3 etc.).

      I only had 2 weeks to work on my project and very little computer time because I was sharing my computer with 3 other people. I managed to get a few interviews with some people I knew that played video games. I also got some B-Roll. I have no idea if any of the stuff I filmed had to be copy righted or what ever so I just filmed them assuming that its just a high school project. I only had 2 nights to work on it overnight at school. (its not as scary as some people say). I worked on editing and did the whole film myself (because everybody in my classare jerks).

      Some of myaudio ended up pretty poorly and some of the footage I couldn’t do over. For the most part the video was alright for my first film I’d say. We haven’t gotten back ourDVD copies of all the final projects but when I do I’ll post them on youtube and let you guys see them. (Some of the peoplein my class are amazingeditors, there work is brilliant.) I just wanted to let you guys know to check them out when I post up the links. I just wanted some of your guys tips and suggestions so I can make my next film better.

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      without even seeing your project, i can tell you that making a documentary is pretty easy and more fun if it’s a topic you have an opinion about. So try that next time. Then come up with questions that will help prove a point and/or tell a story. Hopefully your interviewees answer the questionsthoroughly enough that you can edit with out too many problems.

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