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      Hello everybody,

      Next week I will be traveling with about a dozen firefighters to New York to pick up a large piece of the World Trade Center from Hangar 17. We will be bringing it back to my hometown and there will be quite a large audience saluting it as the beam drives by and there will be a ceremony for it.

      I know there is a right way and a wrong way to do documentaries, but this is my first, so advice is wanted!!

      One of the important aspects about documentaries that I have no clue about is paper work. What kind of paperwork should I produce and have the firemen sign in order to protect my material? Where can I find a template for this sort of paper?

      I know these sort of items pop up in the back pages of Videomaker, but I’m not about to go look at the back page of all of my videomakers for the off chance I might find something, when there is knowledge right here on this forum.

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