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      I am interested in knowing if you use a tablet, iPad or similar device other than a laptop in your work? If so, what are you using it for? How are you using it? Do you use it to show clips\photos or completed work to your customers? What device are you using?

      Inquiring minds want to know – thanks.

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      Not yet. . . but I believe it’s getting close.

      Of course. . . my line of work is ICU nursing. We do computer-based charting, medication administration verification, etc. It would not be a stretch to use something like an iPad to accomplish some of this.

      The main conference room in our hospital is often used for educational in-services. The computer in that conference room used for Powerpoint presentations (using an overhead projector) is WiFi and Bluetooth capable. Theoretically, an enterprising lecturer could bring in their iPad, connect to the conference room computer (and projector) via WiFi and share their presentation. Pretty cool, huh!

      I tell you. . . someone who’s enterprising enough could create specific healthcare apps for the iPad (to interphase with hospital’s main software programs) and probably make a bundle of $$$$$$$! The market is there! (I just wish I knew how to create those Apps. . . . LOL!)

      I gave my wife an iPad as a holiday present this year. It’s phenomenal.

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      I’ve been using my phone (android type) on occasion to show photos and short clips. Eventually, I’ll invest in larger capacity flash media to show more clips. I like the idea of a tablet, but I’m still down with laptops. If I could get the tablet with phone access and enough RAM to make it a practical alternative to a laptop, that might be a viable option.

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      I use an iPad quite a bit in production. I use it for teleprompting a lot, I do storyboards on it, I show clients my work on it when doing consultations, etc. it’s been very handy! Also I’m ironically working with doctors who are creating videos to show on iPads while thier clients are in the waiting room.

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      Not to mention but iPad seems to be a best business partner we have. It is also been use by other company with the special apps installed, it can track, monitor all task, sales and manpower. At where I worked as iPad case designer, I have been able to make my own artworks designs just using the iPad.

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      I've been using my Tablet.I am also interested in people who use the tablet for productivity uses because so far as I can see especially Ipads seem to be only good at consumption as in watching movies, listening to music and checking the weather.

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