Do you know how to make dvd’s that can’t be burned??

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      Is there a way to make dvd’s that can’t be burned. Want to keep the bootlegging down and the purchasing from me UP!!!

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      Good question. Never occurred to me. Takers?

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      Well, Hollywood can’t even do that. But if you mean to add some sort of copy protection, the disc needs to be replicated by a replication factory, not burned from your pc. That is the only way to get copy protection (which doesn’t really work well anyway).

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      Endeavor hit the nail on the head.

      The duplication process, where a blank DVD is written onto, has no way to copy protect it. For copy protection, your disc needs to be produced on a replicator. Disk replicators are what your favorite movie DVDs are made on. If you’re ordering thousands of DVDs, replication is significantly cheaper than duplication, but if you only need a few to a few hundred, the cost isn’t worth it.

      Aside from that, it’s easy to override the security features even on a replicated disc. A magic marker and the smarts to know where to draw and your security is gone.

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      I’ll be documenting the technique in detail in our wedding videographer course,…

      Hurry up and "Get er done!" X-D

      Actually I have heard of this too even though I’ve never tried it. I guess I’m affraid that I’ll scratch the wrong area or something.


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      The other method is to fill a dual layer disc even though the actual program is under 2 hours. This will overload or disable some from copying with a lot of sacrafice and time.

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      Huh, what do you know. I hadn’t heard of anythin like that.

      Oh well, like you said Hank, it’s not really worth using from my perspective. I’m not really too concerned. The effort it takes to burn another disk versus the small amount it adds to the bill isn’t worth it to protect it for me.

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      On a Roll: Not everyone is as smart as you. If Joe Smuck(not a computer geek) puts a 4 hour disc into their PC and tries to copy it to a standard 2 hour DVD, it won’t work. If they have dual layer support, they have to be willing to go buy dual layer blanks.($$$) Just a way to combat part of the problem. There isn’t a way to defeat somebody with above normal computer expertise. So… back to square one. Price your product and professionally package it so they are willing to order it from you.

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      I don’t know about other programs but I know for a fact that Encore offers exactly the same options for copy protection as the big studios do. CCS, and Macrovision (Macrovision requires a per disk royalty to be paid though) protection are offered to start with. With Encore you can even allow for one copy to be made or none at all. DVD Studio Pro obviously also has this capability as with any other professional DVD authoring application. Ulead and the low end sonic solutions I don’t know about.

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      it really would depend on what you are using, there are some programs out there that give you an option to disable it. Just like Cd’s that you can only burn from the original.

      I know DVD Studio Pro has this, but if you are jusut burning a regular old DVD through your computer than i am not sure.

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      I was reading about the one post saying to use all of a Dual layer disc and there will be to much to copy.

      DVD Shrink is a program that most people are using to take a Dual layer and fit it on a single layer disc… no problem. It even has protection bypass. It usually comes bundled with DVD Decryptor.

      So that option is out.

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      I use DVD1Click Pro. Yes we can do it, but the point is we are a minority. The average "Joe" does not have a clue or the software. So, the Dual layer is only a way to beat the average user.(the majority)

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      Again, my personal thoughts on this one:

      You get the bid, you produce the vid, and you burn say 6 copies. That’s what they want. Simple: You get yours, they get theirs.

      What they do with the dvd’s after that is NOT your business. Who cares if they burn 1,500000 copies. A. They won’t. B. You are probably not in the Duplication business. C. it is their project, not yours. their content.

      You produced a vid for them. That’s it. Produced a vid for them. Let them market your company, let them take THEIR dvd of THEIR personal event and do with it what they see fit.

      Be about your client, not about yourself. Encourage them to copy it and distribute it. I just cannot see why your hand should be in it afterwards, anyways. IT’S JUST A WEDDING VIDEO. Not your 10 year documentary that your poured your heart and soul into.

      Unless of course it is (I guess not everyone in the forum is only a wedding videog), then ummmmmm, yeah, protect that thang, darnit! Ha. But it then be worth much much more and then much much more worth it!

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      Anyone know if DVD’s produced through CreateSpace and marketed on have copy protection?

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      Most options for copy protection are quite expensive and involve licences, further, a lot can be compromised quite easily even after this protection.

      One cheaper workaround is to play with the Id tags, and change a DVD 5 ID tags to DVD9, 11 or 18, thus when someone trys to make a direct DVD copy of this, the copying software will not allow it as it will think the disc is larger than DVD5 and won’t let the user copy.

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      I have a foolproof copy protection method that works great…

      The DVD label is very professional and the dupes are cheap enough that it’s just not worth their time to make copies.

      Besides, I like the earlier answer – are you in the business of producing video or duplicating DVDs?

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