Do videos carry viruses?

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      I am just really starting to get into video, and I have been searching some blogs and forums on the subject, and in doing so I got some virus attacks. I have a paid version of Cyberdefender which seems really good at catching this stuff.

      I am starting to download videos, and since some of the video blogs gave me a virus, can the videos carry viruses?

      Would a anti-virus program like Cyberdefender, AVG or Norton be able to detect a virus embedded in a video (if it is possible to do that)?

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      In theory it is possible to defend.

      I would just be really careful about where you are going to get videos.

      What kind of videos are you downloading.

      If you are using a filesharing software or site, viruses are a given.

      But if you are going to Youtube or something like that, there is no problem.

      Stick to reputable sites.

      Regarding Virus Protection:

      All of them detect some viruses but most don’t detect all viruses. Norton full blown suite would be your best bet for protection, but it is also very bulky and system resource intensive. It will slow your computer down to a crawl.

      My advice is just to watch where you are downloading from.

      Ask on this forum first before going.

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      I agree with Brandon, you do need to be careful when and where you download videos from, that is the #1 protection, but you should also be sure your computer is adequately protected. He also mentioned that Norton is great, but it does take up a lot of space and so does AVG. That is why I use, and recommend to everyone, Cyberdefender. It’s a great scanner program that looks for anything that would be bad for your computer and it’s not software heavy. With the paid upgrade you get a lot of extra features that aren’t availabe at all with any other anti-virus programs includingcomputer support any time for hardware or software problems. I also like that you get online bakckup of 2GBs. It’s well worth the money!

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      I was looking through my posts from before and saw this one – I thought I would update to say how SO greatful I am that i have the online backup through Cyberdefender!! We had a thunder and lightnigh storm here last month and there was a huge powersurge that took out many of my electronics in my home including my computer (even though it was on a surge protector). ANyway – I had just done a backup online and was able to retrieve almost all of my data – thanks to Cyberdefender! Just another reason why Cyberdefender totatlly kicks booty!

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