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      I am in a business that enables me to see and learn all kinds of different trick and tips on how to repair normal problems around the house. These tips come from seasoned tradesmen in different fields of the building trade that have no ideas how much there knowledge is worth. I have saved myself thousands of dollars on my own home repair just asking them how to fix a particular problem. I would like to try and produce one to sell on ebay and eventually on a web site.
      Is there anyone out there doing this now that I can talk to simply about what I will need to put together atleast a decent DVD. Maybe I am taking on way more then I realize but I would atleast like to try. Any help is appreciated. Feel free to email direct at
      Thanks Gary

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      Why email direct? This is a discussion forum.

      There could be a potential market for the video you describe. On E-bay search for DIY videos with similar topics and see what comes up. Also, check out for distribution through Amazon stores.

      Steve M.

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      I don’t know what Amazon does for videography, but I have my first book on Amazon and they pay me about a dollar per sale on a $15 book. I have to discipline myself not to tell people I’m on Amazon, but to tell people about my own website where I make far more per sale.

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      Sure, Amazon takes a huge cut of the sale, but they probably expose potential buyers to your book or video that would never have found you on their own.

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      Another place I would look into for this is:

      They have a section for video:

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