Do I require manual controls?

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      <P>HeyAll,</P><P>Seethisvideo:</P><P>Coulda camcorder without manual shutter speed control but supporting 1/1000 s/s be capable of producing a comparable video?</P><P>Wouldappreciatesomeadviseonselecingone.IhavelookedatSonyDCR-HC96andCanon DC230.</P><P>Best,</P><P>wirefree</P>

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      Your message got messed up a little but I think your asking if a shutter speed of 1/1000 would give you super slow motion like the nike video. The shutter speed would make no difference. You need a camera that would record a high frames per second. Manual controls would also make no difference because they will only record at about 24-30 fps on most anything in your price range. If you are wanting 1000fps you would spend $15,000 or more, just as a guess.

      The end of that video is one I made from a regular 30fps camera slowed to 30% and then 20%. You can see the problem is its very jumpy when played back at 5 or 6fps. You might be able to get rid of some of the jurkyness if you used an editing program that could add some morphing frames between the real frames.

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      “We highly recommend the use of of a MiniDV or Digital 8mm camera connected to your PC using FireWire cable for the highest possible video quality. The camera must be set to minimum shutter speed of 1/500th second to prevent motion blurring of your golf club. Best results are seen when using speeds of 1/1000th second or faster.”

      I would imagine 1000fps would not necessarily be required by me. However, in light of the above, would camcorders without manual shutter speeds controls get the job done?




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      I didnt not see you were going to use it with a program at first, I thought you wanted to make super slow motion videos.

      A fast shutter speed would give you a clear picture if you have enough light, but when still when played slow motion it would not look like the nike video. An example might be if a full swing takes 1 second, a regular camera will be able to cut it into 30 parts. To play back smooth you can only slow it to about 10fps, or 3 seconds. A high speed camera like in that commercial will cut it into 500 parts, so the 1 second swing can be played back smooth over 20 seconds.

      But if you are just going to use it with that Swing Analysis software and not going to make super slow motion videos then the cameras you mentioned should be fine. If the program says you can use a mini-dv or digital 8 then most cameras you should be able to adjust the shutter speed on any camera to work in manual mode. Just look at the specs and see what shutter speeds are supported.

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      Appreciate the clarity, bobjr94.

      Myfinalconcernisregardingthemakeof camera I should invest in. However, firstly, I should clarify that the end product of the swing analysis software would indeed be a video.



      -Sony DCR-HC96:

      Noticethatwhile Sony explicitly mentions the unavailability of manualshutter controls, itisconspicuouslymissingfrom Canon’sspecs.

      In either case, which one would get the job done? How do auto shutter controls work? What deternines which videos are to be shot at what shutter speeds in auto control cameras?




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