Do I really need my Matrox RTx100 card??

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      Please bear with my ignorance. I’ve been reading forums and surfing the net but no seems to give a direct answer. I’ve been working on configuring my PC for video editing but always run into one issue or another. I do video work for fun (make movies, burn DVD’s, slide shows, convert VHS, slides, etc). This week-end I encountered a problem when using the Adobe PPro titler. I’d been creating many titles for a 130 slideshow, then, when I try to change the font colour, my system promptly closes both applications as soon as I click on the ‘fill’ option. Of course, when reopening the project PPro tells you the project didn’t close properly so on so forth. Checking the forums this morning I came across one discussion in which the person responding to the question stated, "are you using this, that or Matrox RTx2 etc" and that got me thinking……..which is the reason for my question.
      I don’t use any of the features I have in my Matrox RTx100 card. I only use this card to ‘capture’ my DV. I never use it in PPro! Can I get rid of this card and replace it with something else which would serve my purpose? What would that be? I think I’m wasting my money with Matrox when all I want to do is use the Adobe Suite, capture DV and analogue material. Can someone please guide me as to why I need this Matrox card? If I got rid of it, would my system become more stable when editing such as the problem I described when using the titler?
      My mobo doesn’t have firewire inputs. Suggestions?
      My System Config
      Pentium 4 2.6GHz with 2 gigs (Matched) ram
      XP Pro Version: 2002 Service Pack: 2
      ASUS MB: P4P800
      ASUS Graphics card NVidia GE Force 4TI 4800SE 128mg
      No dedicated sound card
      OS on its own drive
      Programs are on their own drive
      2 drives for video (one scratch, one preview)
      Matrox RTx100 Extreme capture card

      The latest drivers have been installed and drives defragmented.

      Thank you

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      The video card (GPU) I have isn’t tweakable or are you talking about the one on my Matrox card? I guess to know that, I’d have to choose the MatroxDV option when creating a new project? I don’t. I use the option; ‘DV-NTSC’ when creating a new project! If I try to use the GPU Effects like ‘Page Curl’ from the Video Effects option in PP, it doesn’t work. Other than that, how do you adjust the Matrox GPU from PP? Am I missing out by NOT opening a project using the Matrox option? I know I can’t playback on a TV if I don’t but am I missing out on anything else?
      I just got a new video graphics card. It’s a PNY Nvidia GeForce 7600 (512mb). I’ve had it for a few days now but didn’t install it because I want to finsh this project first.
      Okay, getting firewire card would take care of capturing my DV stuff but what about analog, like VHS or other? How do you capture those inputs?
      Your reply has been very much appreciated, as is your patience. If you can help me with the above I’d be greatful. FYI, I did visit the Adobe forum and Matrox many times and now I’m visiting you. So far, you’ve been the most helpful.

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