Do I need to upgrade my VEgas Pro 8 to 9?

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      I have Vegas Pro 8.0

      Not sure I need to spend the money now to upgrade to 9.0

      I could sure use a link or a few thoughts on this.

      The price $275 isn’t too high, but I may not need it.

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      if Vegas 8 is doing what you need it to do, then there’s no need to upgrade.

      Video isn’t about having the latest and greatest. It’s about whether or not your tools are getting the job done for you.

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      I made the choice not to upgrade – I don’t use a Red One and felt 8.0 was doing fine for me. I will upgrade when Pro 10 comes along (which shouldn’t be too long now).

      As long as 8 is doing what you need, and you don’t need the features, why not save the money and skip a version.

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      There are certain new features like RED codec support, minor control over the User Display and many other things. But like ‘Cat and Rob mentioned, unless you are needing a certain level of support with specialized codec’s and such 8.0 should be just fine. There should still be an update to 8.1 or so left on the sony site, but though it works I found it a little sketchy in the purely 64-bit environment. v8.0 is just fine. I haven’t upgraded to 9 because I can’t justify the $275 price tag (upgrading from 7 to 8 was $99!)

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      Surprisingly yes there were changes, some which provide support for the professional formats that the average videographer does not have access to, some which are of such little significance worth mentioning, and some which do offer improved precision and graphics.

      Pro 9 supportsvideo sizes up to 4096×4096, auto preview quality, a few more effects, and a few more interface conveniences – at least that’s what it stated in the “What’s New” help page of Sony Vegas Pro 9. There’s also some others which I haven’t mentioned – just some of the basics here.

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      Am I remembering wrong or was 9 the first full 64-bit version? Wasn’t 8.1 64-bit support which means it was 9 beta really. But anyway, if you are having problems with 64-bit version 8 that would be a reason to go to version 9 as the extra memory supported but a 64-bit OS and application is well worthwhile.

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      From what I gather there really weren’t many features added that would make any difference to me.

      I’ve been using 64 bit for over 2 years Vista and now Win7. No problems with Pro 8, which I’ve found.

      Not sure if I ever upgraded to 8.1 either.

      I’m not a professional, but I do like to produce pro quality video.

      Thanks for the very thoughtful and informative responses.

      Respondents like yourselves is what makes this such a good forums.

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