Do any NLE utilizes Core duo of iMac?

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      So what I still want to know is if Final Cut or iMovie or the new Adobe Premiere Pro
      written for Apple machines are written to do
      multitasking or multithreading for their compute-intensive operations
      like MPEG-2 compression (the really slow part of burning a DVD).

      This is easy — in principle. You just divide up the video stream into
      groups of frames, compress each group in a separate thread, and
      reassemble the results into a single compressed video stream ready for
      burning onto the DVD. If you set up four threads, then you can use up to
      4 CPUs in parallel and the encoding will go 4 times as fast. If you only
      have, say, 2 CPUs then only two of the four threads will run at once and
      the encoding speed will only double.

      Because every Apple Mac now has at least two CPUs each, it would make a
      lot of sense for software like Final Cut to do multithreading. But I
      just can’t find any mention of whether it actually does this.

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      FCP has been multi-threded for as long as I have used it. Probably since it’s inception. Not sure about iMovie but I would imagine that it is. Premiere is for sure too.
      Apple has been using multi-processor machines long before it became common for windows systems. So as a result have been multi-threaded for a long time.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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