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      Soon I might be getting the GH2 for college and filming. The price points right now are about $1,000 dollars for just the body, 1,250 including a 14-42mm zoom lens and 1,600-1750 with a 14-140mm lens. I’ve heard good things about the 14-140mm lens, but will it really be necessary especially when I will be using it mostly for video? Do you use zoom lens often? Is it worth the extra $500 bucks?

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      Hi PJ — I am a GH2 video shooter. I got the camera with the 14-140 because I was tired of hearing Canon autofocus motors in my videos. The autofocus motor on the 14-140 is absolutely silent, and it is a great general purpose zoom lens too. As you probably know, however, at f4.0 it is pretty slow and is not an indoor existing light lens. I have studio lighting and a couple of inexpensive Canon and Konica legacy lenses for that.

      All of that said, I recommend getting the camera with the 14-140 for the silent autofocus alone. I got the GH2 with the 14-140 from The Camera Stre in Calgary last Christmas for $1537.63 + $25 for shipping. They’re in stock right now for $1478.46 + $25 for shipping. Or you can get it body-only for $946.87 + $25 for shipping (I don’t work for these guys, but they have the camera in stock when Stateside dealers don’t, they are knowledgeable about the camera, their prices are good, their shipping charges are fair and their customer service is great).

      Good luck,


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      Wow! Thanks a lot for your advice and the store links! I was having the hardest time finding the camera normally priced. Whenever I would find it in stock anywhere, it was always 100-200 dollars more. Thanks a lot!

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