DIY xlr to 1/8″ pin adaptor

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      I thought I read it on these forums somewhere but I can’t seem to find it.

      I’m looking to do a fun project, nothing pro with this.

      Has anyone built a DIY XLR to 1/8″ mini pin adaptor?

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      Participant has them going both ways. Just put xlr to 1/8 in the sites search engine. xlr to 3.5 mm may also work.

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      I know that I just buy one (although they are really expensive). I was just looking for a fun project to do DIY style. Nothing official.

      The reason I thought about this project was that I was recently doing some searches in Google and I happened upon a page that had detailed plans to build a camera mounted adaptor XLR box for microphone input that terminated out to a 1/8″ pin.

      I use Sony VX2100, which use 1/8″ pin for microphone in. So I just wanted to try to build it.

      I thought that I saw it on Videomaker but it might have just been a random hit on Google.

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