DIY Video Switcher? Out of existing PC?

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      I have a slowly dying Videonics switcher, and would like to use a spare Vista machine as a switcher/recorder.

      I have three cameras fed into the switcher via s-video to tape live events and church services. Audio is run from a mixer board. What I’m thinking of doing is putting three or four PCI tv tuner cards into the PC — but i’m not sure if one PC can handle that many.

      What I’d really like to find is like the Canopus boards we used to have when I worked for Charter Cable. Four inputs on one card, onscreen previews of the video feeds in an easy to use switching program. This was back in the days of Win98 and Pentium II 266Mhz and only 256megs of ram. If that clunker could handle that, surely there’s stuff out now that can do it, too.

      The Canopus boards are no longer around — they were old when I got to use them. VidBlaster software is a reasonablepackage to handle multiple sources — the only issue I’m faced with is getting those analog sources into the computer.

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      Hi Ted,

      Getting analog video into your PC is extremely easy, check out this forum post How do I connect my cameras to VidBlaster?


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