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      Okay… so here’s the deal. I have video lighting but I seem to think that I might have a reason to kick myself in the pants.

      I have been doing some research on on the internet on Do It Yourself video lighting.

      Here is my situation.
      One of my lights disappeared on me. I need one next weekend so I figured I try a DIY project.
      The big thing right now seems to be LED bulbs. I recently went to Radio Shack and bought about 25 LED’s and a circuit board, some wire and some Lithium Ion batteries (at least I think that is what they are… the fancy ones for still cameras). I am not completely done yet (and I will post a picture when I am) but I just soldered the LED’s together and hooked them to the batteries and went to Lowe’s for some flat metel and made a Barn Door light housing and I was ready to go.

      Like I said though, it is not assembled yet but should be soon.

      Has anyone tried this before? I have done some preliminary tests and the lighting is amazing!

      I’ll keep you updated.

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