DIY Ultra-wide angle for 72mm

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      So I would like to have an ultra wide angle lens to screw on the front of my camcorder but I dont want to spend the money to buy an expensive one. I came across this webpage explaining how to make a 0.3x wide angle converter for 72mm. At the same time I dont want to splash out $120 on a piece of junk. Anyone want to check it out and give some advice? Or would it be better to buy a gopro hero2 which has an amazing wide angle. The advantage with that would be I would be adding another camera. But would it match up with my camera’s (XH-A1) quality? Anyone care to weigh in?

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      I went with two solutions BOTH are better than the screw in adaptor for video..

      A pentax kr with 10-17mm fisheye zoom…


      the go-pro

      with the d-slr you get better low light shooting an more control over the camera and color balance..

      the go pro is just something everybody should have in thier camera bag.

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      I dont have a DSLR. I use a camcorder with a fixed lens so the pentax kr 10-17mm wouldnt work for me. But I think you are right about the go-pro. I have been wanting to buy one of those for awhile now. So a hero2 would be my best option or anything other ideas anyone has?

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