DIY tabletop dolly

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      quick and dirty… but works..

      skate board, aluminum rail, plywood, fishing line on a spool… I used a 360 servo and rc unit but any motor from a toy car would work..also works if you just push it by hand..

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      Mike WilhelmMike Wilhelm

      This is great, Don! You should make a video showing us how to make it.

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      I Do have some footage, but this is something so ad hock, I thought the idea was more useful than a how to..
      drill a hole in a mini skate board to mount a tripod head, use a motor and spool to pull it along the track, which is mounted to a board……. very easy build… the only tricky piece? my $1.00 mini skateboard (yard sale item, used) has cheapo wheels with plastic bushings… I replaced those with better wheels that had ball bearings in them…

      I will shoot something showing how it works asap…

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      A work in progress, but it works pretty good…

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