DIY futuristic prop gun building or other scifi props?

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      I’m needed to build some prop sci fi military style guns like the ones they use in Doom and Aliens. The only tutorial I can find uses several hundred dollars worth of parts. I’m looking for cheaper way to do it and realism does not have to be 100%.

      I have some cheap water guns I plan to paint a gray or shades there of with some other colors to highlight. Those look ok but what I really want is less of a ray gun effect and more of a high tech slug thrower. I have found a few pistols I think I can modify to look more like something a few years from now. Airsoft has a few cheap ones I can experiment with.

      Any idea’s at all are appreciated.

      Also any other kind of futuristic/space prop would be of great help.

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      Airsoft guns are great for resembling modern day weapons, as well as some antique models, but most would probably be too realistic for your uses.

      Maybe some nerf guns or other toys guns as well as your waterguns may fit the bill. Anyways, good luck!

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      Go with the "Mars Attacks" look. 😯

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      KBVP Wrote:

      Go with the "Mars Attacks" look. 😯

      That’s a little to high tech looking. But thanks for your help. LOL

      I’m actually looking for something realistic but futuristic too. Think along the lines of the rifle from Aliens.

      I understand basic wood and metal working and am learning about mold making, casting and vacuforming.

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      Start with a paintball gun.

      mount an old camcorder painted black(with flip out viewfinder) as a scope.
      use some drilled pvc pipe to make a siliencer.

      add some camoflage tape, and a bullet belt and you should be good to go.

      (one good reason to mount the camcorder as a scope is this: camera view looking down the barrel of the gun, in nightshot mode to give a snipers eye view of the action….you could overlay that clip with scopr crosshairs, and rangefinder info, to complete the effect.)

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      If you know a bit about woodwork, you can go here.

      and modify it how you like.

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